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Ammiji’s Badaam Sherbet


Ammiji’s Badaam Sherbet

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A refreshing and nutritious drink made solely from almonds, using an age-old recipe. Food for the brain – in the guise of a summer cooler!

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Green Cardamom, Black Pepper, Saffron.


Weight: 400 ml

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When you think about ‘sherbets’, we bet your childhood comes to mind – long, sultry summer afternoons where the only way to beat the incessant heat was by drinking a tall glass of an iced, homemade drink made by a mother or a grandmother. Whether it smelled of roses or was tangy with the zing of citrus, if something could be turned into a cooler, our families invariably did it during the unbearable Indian summer. Long before there were colas in the market, there were sherbets at home.


Ammiji’s Badaam Sherbet is exactly what it says it is – lots and lots of badaams with a tinge of elaichi and black pepper. History tells us that the Badaam sherbet is of Persian origin, and the first sip you take of this homemade cooler will instantly transport you to a Mughal palace, where cool drinks were poured out of silver surais and savored slowly to beat the infernal heat while handheld fans flapped lazily. Redolent of times gone by and reeking of royalty, this traditional drink was a favorite with Ammiji. She made it by the gallons each summer, and there was a steel jug of it ready in her kitchen all through summer, and well into autumn.


We’ve used Ammiji’s original recipe, and poured a whole lot of her love into the sherbet. We hope that each time you make yourself a glass, you are hit with a wave of nostalgia. (And also a bit of a feel-good feeling, since this is, after all, a superfood sherbet!)


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