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Ammiji’s Phaalsa Sherbet


Ammiji’s Phaalsa Sherbet

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A nostalgically sweet and tangy concoction made from the short-lived phaalsa berries. The exotic and the familiar – in one bottle.

Ingredients: Phaalsa berries, sugar, black salt, cumin, dry ginger powder.

Volume: 400 ml

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When you think about ‘sherbets’, we bet your childhood comes to mind – long, sultry summer afternoons where the only way to beat the incessant heat was by drinking a tall glass of an iced, homemade drink made by a mother or a grandmother. Whether it smelled of roses or was tangy with the zing of citrus, if something could be turned into a cooler, our families invariably did it during the unbearable Indian summer. Long before there were colas in the market, there were sherbets at home.

For a month or so, every summer, before the pre-monsoon hits North India, the early morning calm is eerily shattered by sharp calls of “Kaaley kaaley phaalsey! Khattey meethey phaalsey!” We rush to our balconies and haggle over the seemingly astronomical price of these tiny bombs of tangy flavor. And then we get the small paper bag of berries, add in some rock salt and proceed to demolish the entire hoard in one sitting – that’s how addictive their taste is. The salt complements the intriguing taste of the berries – and that’s exactly what we’ve replicated in this khatta-meetha Phaalsa Sherbet from Ammiji’s.

Cooked over slow flame for a minimum of 10 hours, this sherbet has the distinctive taste of phaalsa, sweetened with sugar and then amplified by the addition of black salt, ginger and cumin. All you have to do is to pour out a generous amount in a glass, add cold water and ice, and drink up and taste the summer.

This sherbet contains no preservatives and no additives. It is available for a limited time only.


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