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Ammiji’s Amritsari Anardana Papad

Ammijis Anardana Papad
Ammijis Anardana Papad

Ammiji’s Amritsari Anardana Papad

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Ingredients: Urad dal, anardana, jeera, hing, salt, sajjikhaar

Weight: 250 gm

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The famous Amritsari papad, now in their homemade avatar. The perfect accompaniment to dal-chawal or sabzi-phulka and of course, they hold their own as a stand-alone anytime snack too.

Who hasn’t heard about Amritsari papadwadiyan? Any tourist worth her or his salt will pick up a pack or two from the ubiquitous papad shops that surround the Golden Temple. These papad and wadiyan, though delicious, are mass produced under questionable hygiene conditions. Ammiji visited these shops only if it were an emergency and if she had run out of her own homemade papadwadiyan. Even now, when her arthritic fingers will not let her roll out papad or shape the wadiyan properly, she will sit on a chair in her verandah, and get these made by her helper under her eagle-eyed supervision.

These papad and wadiyan come to you from Amritsar, made under Ammiji’s supervision, from ingredients that are hand-picked by her. They are made from premium urad dal and use the choicest spices.

Anardanapapad is the papad that went rogue. Ammiji’s favorite flavor, this is a papad that you haven’t tasted before. Spiced with hand-pounded pomegranate seeds or anardana, this has tiny bits of tangy goodness in each crispy bite.

Did you know that papad aids digestion? That is the reason they have been a part of the Indian diet for as far back as we can remember! You can roast them on a griddle or pan, deep fry them, toast them or microwave them – any which way, they add that perfect zing to your meal.

2 reviews for Ammiji’s Amritsari Anardana Papad

  1. 4 out of 5


    Loved the flavour of anardana unlike any other papad flavour that i have ever eaten.
    Just that would prefer them to be a little thinner

  2. 5 out of 5

    Naazra Fallah

    This is by far the best papad I have ever had. Perfectly thick and perfectly crispy. Full of flavour. There has been no compromise in the quality and quantity of the Ingredients. Definitely would order again.

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