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Ammiji’s Amritsari Moong Dal Wadiyan

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Ammiji’s Amritsari Moong Dal Wadiyan

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The milder version of traditional Amritsari wadiyan. Packed with protein and delicately spiced.

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Who hasn’t heard about Amritsari papad wadiyan? Any tourist worth her or his salt will pick up a pack or two from the ubiquitous papad shops that surround the Golden Temple. These papad and wadiyan, though delicious, are mass produced under questionable hygiene conditions. Ammiji visited these shops only if it were an emergency and if she had run out of her own homemade papad wadiyan. Even now, when her arthritic fingers will not let her roll out papad or shape the wadiyan properly, she will sit on a chair in her verandah, and get these made by her helper under her eagle-eyed supervision.


These papad and wadiyan come to you from Amritsar, made under Ammiji’s supervision, from ingredients that are hand-picked by her. They are made from premium dal and use the choicest spices.


Ammiji’s Moong Dal Wadiyan are a delicious way to add these protein-packed dumplings to your everyday meals. While the traditional urad dal wadiyan and fiery and can not be eaten on a daily basis, these ones are mild and nutritious enough to be added to anything. Our favorite ways to use these wadiyan are to add them to any pulao or any curry for layers of subtle flavor and an intriguing aroma. We also add them to our dry sabzis (amaranth leaves cooked with these wadiyan are unbelievably delicious!).


Once you start adding these wadiyan to your cooking preparations, we promise that you won’t be able to do without them!


Ingredients: Moong dal, Salt, Red Chilli, Coriander, Asafoetida


Weight: 250 gms


Price: Rs 275


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