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Ammiji’s Aam ki Launji

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Ammiji’s Aam ki Launji

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Is it a pickle? Defintely not. A chutney? Not quite. A mango preserve that fails to fall into any category, but is defined by its sheer deliciousness and versatility.


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Eating mangoes along with your meals is a tradition as old as time in India. Whether you slice them and put them on the side of your plate, or whether you add them to a dal or make a sabzi out of them, mangoes are that irresistible and indispensable part of any summer lunch. And that is exactly why Ammiji used to make the Aam ki Launji.


This recipe is not quite the traditional UP recipe, and nor is it a Punjabi recipe, but a curious mix of two. Mangoes are cooked with a little sugar till soft and then spiced up with a special combination of masalas. What comes out of the kadhai is a jammy concoction, with thick chunks of mangoes and a syrupy consistency that is perfect for wiping clean with rotis.


The versatile Aam ki Launji goes well with any meal, be it rice and curry or sabzi.


Ingredients: Mango, Sugar, Salt, Rock Salt, Fennel seeds, Cumin, Fenugreek seeds, Garam masala, Red Chilli, Turmeric.


Weight: 200 gms


Price: Rs 450 350


Best before 3 months.


Refrigerate after opening.


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