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Ammiji’s Chane Ka Achar


Ammiji’s Chane Ka Achar

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Chickpeas in their tangiest avatar ever! This limited edition pickle is made juicier and tarter with the addition of grated raw mango. Channey, kairi and lots of deliciousness – from Ammiji.

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Chickpeas, choley or chane do decently well in a curry. They’re even better in hummus and are simply irresistible when paired with poori or bhatura. But as a pickle? Prepare to be surprised and delighted at the same time!


Raw chickpeas are soaked overnight in a solution of water and raw mango pulp, till they swell up, absorbing all the tanginess and goodness of the mango. And then they’re pickled with the choicest spices and grated raw mango. And when we bottle them, it’s all we can do to resist the fragrance emanating from them!


This scrumptious, well-seasoned pickle go perfectly with parantha’s, with pulao, with dal-chawal or with just about anything you pair it with.


Ingredients: Kabuli channey, raw mango, mustard oil, salt, turmeric, nigella seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, red-chilli


Weight: 160 gms


Good for: 6 months


Price: 499 350


This limited edition pickle is available only for a short time. Get your jar before we run out. 🙂


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