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Ammiji’s Green Chilli Pickle


Ammiji’s Green Chilli Pickle

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The green chilli is the star of the Indian dining table – and this tangy and spicy pickle makes it the superstar of any meal!

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In most Indian households, meals are accompanied by a platter of raw cut onions, lemons and a pile of green chillies to the side. Yes, we love our green chillies. Chopped up green chillies go into every sabzi and mirchi-nimbu hangs on every doorway!


Enter, Ammiji’s Green Chilli Pickle, which takes the star and turns it into a superstar! Whole green chillies, pickled in lemon juice and a few scattered lemon halves thrown in for the extra zing. This is the most underrated pickle to ever go on a table. It’ll add excitement to your dal-chawal, romance to your pulao and variety to your sabzi-roti. It’ll add heat to your food – spice on your plate, tang on your tongue. This is the pickle we always reach for when our meals are routine.


Ammiji’s Green Chilli Pickle is made at home, in small batches, with fresh produce every time. No preservatives and no hidden ingredients. What you see is what you get.



Ingredients: Green Chillies, Mustard Seeds, Cumin, Lemon, Lemon Juice, Salt, Sesame Oil.


Good for 12 months.


Refrigerate for longer shelf life.


Weight: 300 gm


Price: Rs 499 399


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