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Ammiji’s Hari Mirch Thecha

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Ammiji’s Hari Mirch Thecha

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The fire of green chillies, the pungency of garlic and the crunch of peanuts come together on a traditional sil-batta to give life and heat to your meals!

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Green chillies have got to be Ammiji’s favorite ingredient. From liberally using them in her sabzis, to garnishing her curries with them, and from pickling them in myriad ways to eating them raw along with her meals, there’s nothing that Ammiji couldn’t do with green chillies. This thecha is one of our favorites though.


A simple, stone-ground chutney that combines green chillies, garlic, peanuts and spices, this thecha can be eaten with any meal! Top up your paranthas with it or pepper your dal-chawal with it. Don’t tell Ammiji but we like to eat it with a slice of white bread too!


Ammiji’s thecha is fiery, tangy and garlicky all at once, and the layers of different flavours and textures come together beautifully to add that irresistible heat to your meals.


Ingredients: Green chillies, Garlic, Peanuts, Lemon, Salt, Black salt, Fennel, Cumin, Nigella seeds, Mustard oil.


Allergen warning: Contains peanuts


Weight: 150 gms


Price: 400 300


Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 3 months.


Best before 3 months.


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