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Ammiji’s Karele Ka Achaar

Karele Ka Achaar

Ammiji’s Karele Ka Achaar

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How do you make Karela or Bitter Gourd irresistible? You pickle it! Sundried discs of this much-maligned but superbly beneficial vegetable, pickled in the choicest spices.


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Let’s admit it – there are very few people who claim to absolutely LOVE karela or bitter gourd. Most of us, though, wrinkle up our noses at the mention of this humble vegetable. It’s bitter and pungent – but immensely beneficial and nutritious. It’s proven to counter high blood sugar and may have cancer fighting properties too. It contains several vitamins and micro nutrients that boost overall health.


Ammiji had a novel way of making her grand children eat the magically medicinal karela – she pickled it till the natural bitterness of the vegetable was overwhelmed with tanginess and deliciousness. The karela pickle was had with everything – but our favorite way was to mix it into dal chawal!


Karela are usually fried to reduce the sharp bitterness, but these are sun-dried and then pickled. It’s the perfect way to get in a good dose of health daily!


Refrigerate after opening for longer shelf life.


Good for: 3 months


Ingredients: Bitter gourd, Salt, Black Salt, Turmeric, Fennel, Fenugreek, Red Chilli, Lemon juice, Mustard Oil.


Weight: 120 gms


Price: Rs 400 300


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