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Ammiji’s Mix Veg Pickle – Andhra Style


Ammiji’s Mix Veg Pickle – Andhra Style

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A fascinating medley of vegetables, pickled at home with the choicest spices. No preservatives and no additives – just pure vegetables at their spicy best.

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India is a vast subcontinent, with a plethora of indigenous cuisines, each of them distinctly different. We, at Ammiji’s, aim to bring regional specialties to your table, after they’ve undergone Ammiji’s homemade treatment, and have been approved by the matriarch herself. Ammiji is a picky eater and at any mealtime that includes a dish that’s not familiar to her, you’ll hear her muttering about too much salt, or too less spice, or the oft-heard “We never had this when we were young!”. But she’ll persevere, in the interest of foodies everywhere. And then she’ll take that unfamiliar dish, turn it on its head, analyze it to within an inch of its life, and breath new life into it. That’s how we got a garlic bread that was topped with mashed potatoes after we tried to feed her a fancy meal. (That garlic bread is now a breakfast favorite incidentally!;))


Ammiji is partial to pickles and has spent a substantial portion of her time pickling everything under the sun – literally! Her family has been treated to pickled chicken drumsticks, pickled mustard greens, pickled yam and even a hybrid pickle-chutney that’s made of pure spice. So obviously, when it came her turn to pickle beans, carrots, turnips, lemons and green chilies all in one jar, she was predictably excited.


Any Andhra pickle uses chilies and other spices to create fiery magic in the mouth. And when ordinary vegetables like carrots and beans are given the Andhra treatment, they take on a new, special avatar that is addictive and fun. Each time you dig a spoon into this jar, you’ll come up with something special. The carrots are sweetish, the beans are still crisp, the lemon is tangy, the turnips have absorbed the flavors the most and the green chilies are bomb! There’s something for everyone in this one little jar!


This pickle uses groundnut oil as its base since it is neutral enough to let the spices shine through. No preservatives or additives have been used to make this pickle.


Ingredients: Carrots, French Beans, Turnips, Green Chilli, Lemon, Salt, Ginger, Garlic, Cumin, Mustard Seeds, Fenu greek, Groundnut Oil.

Note: Please refrigerate after opening. Good for 12 months if refrigerated.


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