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Ammiji’s Tomato Pachadi


Ammiji’s Tomato Pachadi

350.00 250.00

A zesty and fiery tomato chutney – made at home in the traditional Andhra way. Red chilli and curry leaves add the extra punch to this droolicious pickle-chutney!

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Ammiji firmly believes that every meal must be accompanied with palate-ticklers, or what she calls “chatpata samaan”. And this Andhra Tomato Pachadi is as chatpata as it can get. Fresh tomatoes, red chillies, curry leaves and garlic come together to make a pickle-chutney that has nothing subtle about it.


An Andhra pachadi is a side dish, made of finely or coarsely ground elements, sometimes pickled. The Tomato Pachadi will pair brilliantly well with anything that you choose to eat it with. It’ll fire up your arhar dal and chawal combo. It’ll add a kick to your khichadi. It’ll give you something spicy to lave your paranthas with. We even love to have it with plain sabzi-phulka. You decide where you want that extra kick of this chutney!


Ingredients: Tomato, Tamarind, Salt, Red Chilli, Curry Leaves, Mustard seeds, Ginger, Garlic, Sesame Oil.


Net Weight: 165 gms


Price: 350  250 Rs


Best Before: 12 months


Refrigerate after opening for longer shelf life. No preservatives.



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