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Ammiji’s Amritsari Chholey Masala

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Amritsari Chole Masala

Ammiji’s Amritsari Chholey Masala

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The taste of famous Amritsari Chholey, captured in a jar. Throw some into your chholey and watch the flavorful magic unfold!


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Chholey are to Amritsar, what Dal Makhni is to Delhi. Every corner has an eatery that will serve kulcha-chholey, matthi-chholey or their own version of the traditional, masala-spiked Amritsari chholey. In Amritsar, when a woman is not in the mood to cook, she’ll just order in some chholey to go with roti or rice and serve up a delightful meal. When guests are over, it’s chholey that are put on the table first. Then it’s only understandable that Amritsaris have perfected the art of cooking chholey.


Ammiji has her own recipes for chholey. There’s the curry that goes well with rice, or the dry, spicy version she makes to go with halwa-puri. Or there’s this semi-dry version that can be had with kulchas, matthis, rotis or even rice – and that version is our particular favorite. Dunk a plain kulcha in, top it with some chutney and raw onions, and you’re in foodie heaven. Or heap the chholey onto a crisp, thin matthi and there, heaven again. This recipe calls for a ground masala, which Ammiji makes herself. After much bantering, we got her to divulge the details of the masala, and here it is!


This masala will add spice to your chholey, and a whole lot of tang; and flavours, layers of flavours, that will make you lick your bowl clean.


How to Use: Boil chholey. Don’t keep too much water since this masala is best in a semi-wet, lipta hua gravy. You can add the masala directly to the boiled chholey and let it simmer for a while. Or if you want to make it Ammiji’s way, make a tadka of onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger, and add the masala to that before adding to the chholey. Let us know which way you prefer!

Add 1 tablespoon for about 100 gms of uncooked chickpeas.


Ingredients: Corainder, Cumin, Dry Mango, Caraway, Dry Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black pepper, Fenugreek, Hing, Salt.


Contains no onion or garlic. This masala is ground at home, using premium spices. Contains salt, so check before adding more.


Weight: 200 gms


Price: Rs 400 300


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Good for: 6 months.


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