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Ammiji’s Chai Masala – Digestion

Ammijis Digestion Chai Masala
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Ammiji’s Chai Masala – Digestion

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A Chai Masala with a piquant flavor profile and with immense digestive benefits. Ammiji harnesses the power of ginger, saunf and pipli to bring you a deliciously beneficial spice blend that aids digestion and helps to prevent bloating and acidity.


Weight: 75 gms

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We’ve come full circle when it comes to health and what we use to ensure that we maintain good health. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda advises us to look to the kitchen to keep our body free of small ailments. We seem to have forgotten this for some time, but we’re back where we started and increasingly leaning towards using natural healing that originates in our kitchens.

And Ammiji’s firmly believes in natural healing for small ailments that nag us on a daily basis. That’s why our range of chai masalas target a sense of wellbeing. Because what is chai if not comfort and wellbeing?

Ammiji’s Digestion Chai Masala contains ginger, saunf and pipli along with the base spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Adding a couple of pinches to your after-meal cuppa will ensure that your digestive system is working in top gear!


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