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Ammiji’s Parantha Masala

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Ammiji’s Parantha Masala

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The magical spice blend that will seriously level up your parantha game! Plain or stuffed, tawa or tandoori, a pinch of this masala will go with all your paranthas!


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What’s a Punjabi without paranthas? There are paranthas made of leftover dal for breakfast, aloo paranthas made for lunch and plain paranthas made to go with the masala mutton at night. And what stays constant in all these paranthas are the spices used.


Ammiji makes her own special blend of parantha masala. Having a masala ready saves times when you’re mixing the stuffing for paranthas and perks up plain namak-ajwain paranthas too. That’s what Ammiji says and we take her word as gospel.


The spices and herbs for this special masala are individually sun-dried and then ground coarsely. The end result is fragrant and will elevate your paranthas to that irresistible level.


How to Use: Add to the stuffing for stuffed paranthas. Knead into dough for dal or methi paranthas. Sprinkle while folding plain paranthas. Top tandoori rotis with this masala too!


Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, Caraway, Fenugreek, Black Pepper, Red Chilli, Dry Mango, Dry Ginger, Pomegranate seeds, Clove, Mace, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Salt.


Contains no onion or garlic. This masala is ground at home, using premium spices. Contains salt, so check before adding more.


Weight: 175 gms


Price: Rs 350 250


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Good for: 6 months.


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