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Ammiji’s Jar Chocolate Caramel


Ammiji’s Jar Chocolate Caramel

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Smooth, creamy and luxuriously decadent, this is the jar of chocolate you need in your life.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Heavy cream, dark chocolate, butter

Weight: 100 gms

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Chocolate is sheer love, and who are we to resist the lure of love? Made with a few sarcastic rejoinders from Ammiji ringing in our ears (she is not too fond of chocolate), this jar is heaven. A ganache, a dessert topping, a smoothie maker, a sandwich filling – this is a multipurpose spread or sauce. With the texture of silk and the consistency of molasses, Ammiji’s jar of chocolate will make your heart sing happy songs.

This is made from pure dark chocolate. And it has undertones of caramel that complement the chocolate perfectly.

No trans fats and no preservatives make this jar not only sinful, but a guilt-free sinful. Sin without the guilt. Get it?

This is made at home in small batches to ensure freshness each time you order.

1 review for Ammiji’s Jar Chocolate Caramel

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sabina (verified owner)

    Loved this product !
    Ordered two jars… ordering more soon

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