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Ammiji’s Whiskey Caramel Sauce


Ammiji’s Whiskey Caramel Sauce

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Pure sin, spiked with Bourbon whiskey. Sweetly decadent and decidedly boozy.

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We have a confession to make. Ammiji hasn’t tasted this. She doesn’t even know about it. But we’re sure that when she gets to know about it, she’s going to slap her forehead and say “Durr Fitteh Mooh!” (Punjabi for “Burn your face in hell!”) Because yes, this jar will take you simultaneously to hell and heaven – it’s that sinful.


Sugar – pure, sinful sugar – burnt till it’s amber, and then whisked with heavy cream and butter. Then we throw in some sea salt and spoon in some Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey. The entire mess smells of sweet devastation before we bottle it up for your indulgence.


Pour this lusciously boozy sauce over desserts. It’ll be the Juliet to your cheesecake, the Heer to your ice-cream, the Laila to your trifle. It’ll be the spiked kickstart to your morning when you pour it over pancakes or French toast – can you imagine your day going bad after that? Glaze your bacon with it (a friend does it regularly) or add a touch of it to your oriental stir-fry. Or wait. Let’s cut the bullshit. Sit down with the jar on a war, comfy floor cushion and your favorite book, and proceed to lick it by the spoonful for an evening well-spent.


What you choose to do with it is entirely your choice. We promise we won’t judge. 😉


And we’ll happily send you your jar with Ammiji’s voice ringing in our ears “Marjaaneyon, khasma nu khaaneyon, whiskey paa’ti miththey ‘ch!”


Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Cream, Butter, Bourbon whiskey, Sea salt


Weight: 200 gm


Price: 499 399


Good For: 2 months


Note: No preservatives or corn syrup are used in our caramel, unlike other sauces available in the market.


Also note: Refrigerate once you receive. Take it out an hour before use or warm the jar in a bowl of hot water to achieve room temperature consistency.


Also also note: This product is made when we receive your order to ensure that you get a freshly made jar each time. Please allow us 2-3 days to dispatch it.

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