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Ammiji’s Atta Til Ladoos

Atta Til Ke Ladoo

Ammiji’s Atta Til Ladoos

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Wholewheat flour and sesame seeds – a match made in a place where deliciousness is synonymous with good nutrition. Crunchy and indulgent. Made with desi ghee and khand.


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The season of joy. When the mornings are as crisp and golden as apples and the evenings twinkle and smile through the haze. When festivals and special occasions are just an excuse for indulgence and happiness. When the cool nip in the air demands warming from the inside. And when the sweetness of life is reciprocated by the sweetness on your plate.


The season of joy is the season of ladoos. And not just ordinary ladoos, but Ammiji’s Homemade ladoos, with the goodness of unprocessed, natural sweeteners and pure fragrant desi ghee. Ammiji’s ladoos are a throwback to a time when living was slow and pleasures small. They’re evocative of the perfume of autumn and of the nostalgia of your childhood.


Ammiji’s Atta Til Ladoos are not only deliciously crunchy because of oodles of sesame seeds, but they’re a powerhouse of nutrition too. Sesame seeds are anti-aging and good for bone health. And when you combine them with the rejuvenating properties of kamarkas, gond and desi ghee, it results in a superfood that will keep you healthy and give you reason to indulge.


They make the perfect, guilt-free sweet treats during the festive season and beyond it too. They come packaged in a bright box, making them perfect for that special gift for your loved ones. And you can be sure that each ladoo inside that box is shaped with love and packed with care. Ammiji’s ladoos will be the perfect post-meal treat, anytime indulgence, or the special occasion bhog.


We use organic raw sugar in these ladoos – nothing to mar the wholesomeness of them!


Ingredients: Wholewheat Flour, White Sesame, Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar, Edible Gum, Flame of the Forest


Good For: 1 month


Net Weight: 500 gms


Price: Rs 800 650


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