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Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya


Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya

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Because we love the smell of roses! Ammiji’s bestselling Gujiya, infused with homemade Gulkand. Fragrant and sweetly delicious!

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The earth turns yet again, the trees lose their leaves and then break out in a flurry of new leaves and flowers. Spring arrives and brings with it the fragrance of newness, of gulmohar and semal and pansies; of gulaal and dust and raw milk. And before you know it, Holi is around the corner and with it, colour returns to a still sombre earth.

And as the earth changes its covering, our tastes adjust accordingly. Gone are the warm, rich tastes of winter and the mouth craves something sweet, yet not overly so, something light yet rich, something crisp yet soft and something decadent yet traditional. Yes, we crave the sweet of the spring – Mawa Gujiya, shining with silver varq and sugar syrup, smelling to the heavens with saffron and elaichi. But then, we go a step further, and add a believable twist to the story; we infuse our gujiya with homemade Gulkand – yes, the same Gulkand that forms the base of our famed and bestselling Gul Bombs!

Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya is made at home, in our kitchen with the best ingredients we could find. It’s delicately sweet and stuffed with as much stuffing as we could manage. Of course it’s fried – there are some things that are sacrosanct and should not be messed with, in our opinion. There are almonds and pistachios and cashews and melon seeds; there’s also mace and nutmeg flavouring the inside. And there’s gulkand, sweetening the inside and making the outside smell of roses. And inside and outside, it tastes of pure love.

Bite into one and you’ll feel the crispness of the coating juxtaposed with the sweetly melting interior. Bite into one and you’ll feel the richness of the mawa that smells of roses, the luxuriousness of the nuts crushed with gulkand and the exoticness of the spices complimenting the sweetness. Bite into one and you’ll feel joy – the joy of a spring garden, of freshly blooming desi gulab and of renewal and of hope. Bite into one and you’ll feel what Ammiji’s love is all about.

Ingredients: Mawa, Maida, Sugar, Desi Ghee, Gulkand, Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Melon seeds, Green Cardamom, Mace, Nutmeg, Saffron, Pure silver foil

Weight: Each box contains 10 pieces. Approximate weight is 600 gms.

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