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Ammiji’s Moong Dal Panjeeri

Moong Dal Panjeeri

Ammiji’s Moong Dal Panjeeri

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Our gluten-free take on the traditional Panjeeri – the pinnacle of nutrition according to our mothers and grandmothers.

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If you’re a Punjabi and you’ve delivered a child, you would remember being bombarded with highly nutritious foods that were supposed to provide you the perfect post-partum nutrition. And we’re sure Panjeeri was on top of that list. Ammiji’s way to make Panjeeri even MORE nutritious – she firmly believes she can do that to any dish! – was to make her Panjeeri with moong dal instead of atta or wheat flour.


This Panjeeri was pulled out of Ammiji’s cupboard and dished out to her grand children on any pretext. You have a cold? Have Panjeeri. It’s raining outside? Have Panjeeri. You’re going for a trip? Take Panjeeri with you. You’re in a bad mood? Eat some Panjeeri na! This Panjeeri was the mantra that was supposed to make everything better. And we grandchildren lapped it all up.


Ammiji’s Moong Dal Panjeeri is pure moong dal – no atta, no suji, no other grain. And of course, it has oodles of pure desi ghee and nuts and makhanas. The sugar used for this Panjeeri is raw and organic – we could have preferred using jaggery but Ammiji was insistent that the Panjeeri wouldn’t be crunchy without the sugar. As she said, “Cheeni vi khaani chahidi hai kadi kadi! Haddiyan bandi hain!”


Use it as your post-meal meetha or your daily spoon of goodness along with breakfast. And rest assured that what you’re consuming is pure protein-packed, gluten-free goodness.


Ingredients:  Moong Dal, Raw Organic Sugar, Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, Melon Seeds, Fox Nuts, desi Ghee.


Net Weight: 150 gm


Price: Rs 450 350


Consume within one month of receiving the jar.


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