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Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos


Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos

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A grandmother’s Panjeeri, shaped into ladoos. Wholewheat flour and premium ingredients which have a host of health benefits. Indulgence, with no guilt

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The season of joy. When the mornings are as crisp and golden as apples and the evenings twinkle and smile through the haze. When festivals and special occasions are just an excuse for indulgence and happiness. When the cool nip in the air demands warming from the inside. And when the sweetness of life is reciprocated by the sweetness on your plate.


The season of joy is the season of ladoos. And not just ordinary ladoos, but Ammiji’s homemade ladoos, with the goodness of unprocessed, natural sweeteners and pure fragrant desi ghee. Ammiji’s ladoos are a throwback to a time when living was slow and pleasures small. They’re evocative of the perfume of autumn and of the nostalgia of your childhood.


Winters are synonymous with Panjeeri for most Punjabis. Motherhood is synonymous with Panjeeri too. Ammiji made entire canisters of panjeeri around Diwali to see her children and grandchildren through the winters. And she made a special panjeeri for the grandchildren going up to boarding school and or for mothers in the family who had just delivered a baby or were pregnant. Her panjeeri was like a talisman – a device to ward off ill health, lack of nutrition or general ennui.


We’ve taken her Panjeeri recipe, modified it a bit, and shaped ladoos out of it. The resultant ladoos are a powerhouse of nutrition and good health – each of the ingredients playing an important role in keeping you active through the winter months and beyond.


Made with wholewheat flour, desi ghee and organic raw sugar, the ladoos also contain kamarkas and gond – those two ingredients prescribed by Ayurveda for their immense benefits. These ladoos are especially powerful for post-partum or post-operative recovery but their deliciousness and nutrition value makes them ideal for everyone!


Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos are made at home in small batches. What you’re getting is nostalgia and goodness in a box. Each ladoo is made with love and packed carefully for you. Each brightly coloured box comes with all of Ammiji’s love, concern and good intentions.


The season of joy deserves to have Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos in it. 🙂



Ingredients: Wholewheat Flour, Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar, Almonds, Edible Gum, Flame of the Forest, Chironji


Good For: 1 month


Net Weight: 500 gms


Price: Rs 900 750

2 reviews for Ammiji’s Panjeeri Ladoos

  1. 5 out of 5

    Anil Kamboj (verified owner)

    20 Seconds in the microwave and you transported to yummy Heaven

  2. 5 out of 5

    Moumita (verified owner)

    Great tasting ladoos…go for it without any hesitation and great customer service as well 🙂

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