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Ammiji’s Tips to Keep Your Immunity High This Winter

We’ve hit the peak of the winter season, and the initial excitement associated with the change of the season has now given way to a fatalistic acceptance of the woes that come along with the winters. The wind is colder than ever, the earth and air are drier than they were before, the bulky woolens that we were luxuriating in now feel like heavy burdens. And we’re craving sunshine – the same sunshine that we abhorred in the summers. 

Depending on where you live, you have your own set of winter woes to deal with. Some of us are concerned about the pollution, some about the smog, and some of us about the omnipresent threat of covid. And some of us are just struggling to keep ourselves away from the latest round of seasonal cold and cough going around.

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Staying warm is a struggle in the winters, and so is staying fit. Our exercise routines go awry, we drink less water and eat more junk and feeling on the top of our game is just a momentary illusion. But it’s really not as bad as it seems. A few tried and tested tips from our grandmothers, and some plain old common sense can help us rev up our immunity in the winters and enable us to feel fit and healthy.


  1. Hydrate – It’s tough sipping on water when it’s already cold outside. Sip on warm water instead. Make your hydration count - fill up on herbal teas, tisanes and soups. Even regular tea and coffee, in limited quantities, help keep up your hydration levels. Incorporate an herbal tea or kaadha like Ammiji’s Immunity Kaadha or Ammiji’s Winter Comfort in your daily routine. These will not only provide hydration, but also a direct boost to your immunity through the herbs and spices they’re enriched with.

Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of liquids in a day. The more hydrated you stay, the more regulated your body temperature will be.

  1. Eat well – A lot of us tend to pile on the kilos in the winters. Our body, trying to keep itself warm, craves sweets and fat-laden food. Feed it better instead. Utilize the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits that winter blesses us with and fill your plate with all the colors possible. Eat your paranthas, sure, but make sure you eat a salad and some curd with them. Replace sugar with jaggery – it won’t cut down the calories or the sugar content, but at least you’ll be getting in some nutrition! Add more protein to your diet in the form of legumes, soya or meat. And even though the weather is perfect for reaching for hot, crispy jalebi and luscious halwas, do try to limit your intake of sugar.


  1. Flu Shot – If you’re more prone than others to the seasonal flu, then it’s worth your while to consider getting a flu shot every year. Speak to your doctor about the best time to do so.


  1. Exercise – It’s really, really tough to get out of a cozy bed early in the morning while it’s still dark outside, and head out to the gym. And the layers of clothing we’re wearing hides the excess kilos we’ve piled up in the first half of winter, so the urgent need to exercise will not be felt before the start of the warmer season. But winters should not be an excuse to abandon your fitness regime. Try to adjust your gym or walk timings if your schedule allows you to. Walk whenever you can – in the evening, to the metro station, or even at home, inside, safe and warm. Make it a point to add in a few minutes of deep breathing or pranayam daily. This will not only exercise your lungs but will also prevent the buildup of phlegm. If you don’t feel active enough to exercise, try incorporating Ammiji’s Vitality Chai Masala in your daily cuppa. It acts as a spark to your energy and motivation level.


  1. Supplements – Winters are the time when your body needs whatever support it can get. And there is nothing else that offers as much succor and support as our traditional chyawanprash does. Made of pure amla, and steeped in ancient herbs and spices, chyawanprash keeps you warm and active and your immunity at an all-time high during the winter months. The usual commercial chyawanprash available in the market might be full of sugar, though, so make sure you opt for one made with jaggery instead. Like Ammiji’s Homemade Chyawanprash. Made at home, in the traditional way, this is the only tonic you’ll need all winter. Apart from the chyawanprash, Ammiji’s also has an entire range of products focused on building up your immunity in our best-selling Immunity GiftBox.


Nature’s Bounty – Winter is the time when we get thew freshest produce possible. Fresh mustard leaves and methi in from the fields, piles of oranges and kinnows, sweet red carrots, juicy strawberries – all these and more adorn the vegetable and fruit seller kiosks. Make use of these in your everyday cooking to get the maximum micronutrients into your diet. Make thick vegetable soups, spicy curries and pulaos and use whatever fresh vegetables and fruits you can lay your hands on. Apart from them, winter is also the time you get raw turmeric and amla in plenty. These not only give you vital nutrients but also go a long way to build up your long-term immunity. Harness the power of nature in your plate itself, and you’ll never fear the winter again.
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