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Who is Ammiji?

In 1948, a young girl in Amritsar got married to a man she had never set eyes on before. In a city that was still grappling with the tragedy of partition, she was a lonely bride, thrust into a household that was indifferent, if not hostile. Her husband was busy in setting up a new business, leaving the young girl to her own devices for most of the day. She sought comfort in her new home’s kitchen, but that sphere was ruled by her seemingly draconian mother-in-law. And the young girl rebelled. Oh no, she didn’t go full out – this is the 1940s we’re talking about. She rebelled against the thick, flavorless concoction that passed off as tea in that household. She bought her own spices and set about replicating the flavor of tea in her childhood home. Thus was born her first spice blend – the legendary Ammiji’s Classic Chai Masala – of which hundreds of jars have gone out to delight hundreds of tea aficionados. So started her love affair with spices, with flavors and with food.

She’s almost 90 now, and that love affair is just as strong. Her grandchildren call her Ammiji (and there’s a story behind why they call her that) and this brand is their homage to her.

The brand, Ammiji’s

 In the times of processed and packaged food, Ammiji’s is an attempt to bring age-old kitchen wisdom and herbal remedies and recipes under the spotlight. It is an attempt to offer products that are chemical-free and pure. It is an endeavor of the heart. While the rest of the world sprints off in the direction of quick and convenient, we go back to rediscover our roots and history.

Each of our products is made at home, with a recipe developed or approved by Ammiji. We use only pure, premium ingredients – no fillers, no substitutes and no chemical preservatives. We take the wisdom of Ayurveda, combine it with plain old kitchen common sense and use practices that have been followed for centuries. Whether it is as old traditional recipe or a new gourmet one, each one is backed by wisdom and the belief that health comes first. Because Ammiji demands the same out of everything that comes out of her kitchen. (Yes, she’s 90 but she still cooks.)

Our ethos is one of consciousness. We are extremely choosy about our ingredients and even more so about our packaging. Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly elements unless they compromise the health of our product.

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