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This is a simple anardana chutney made with home-dried anardana. Correction: This is a BOMB chutney, with a nostalgic, addictive flavour, and powerful digestion properties. Ek baar iska chaska lagake dekhiye!


As children, each time we used to get an anardana churan or goli home from the vendors sitting outside our school, Ammiji used to shake her head in disgust and make us throw the lot in the bin. But, of course, we were irascible. We returned home day after day with our pockets full of the stuff. “Mitti daalte hain ismein!” Ammiji would scream as she chased us to get us to empty our pockets. And then, seeing that we were not to be deterred from having those vile anardana golis, she came up with this homemade anardana concoction and called it “Churan Chutney” just to get us to have it. And boy, did we love it!


We are calling it the Chaska Chutney though. Chaska, a word that has no exact translation in the English language. The closest you can get to a direct meaning is “addiction”. But this is so much more than that. It’s addictive, hell yes, but it’s a good kind of addictive. It’s an addiction that you wish you’d taken up earlier. It’s an addiction that you’re not going to want to let go of. And it’s an addiction that you’ll happily indulge in, day after day after day.


Ammiji made her own anardana at home from the seeds of wild, sour pomegranates. She sun-dried the seeds at home, and we do the same. (Okay, we’ll admit we dry them out in the oven too when the sun-drying is not going fast enough!) The anardana is then ground up with salt and sugar and digestive spices like jeera and hing are added to enhance the inherently powerful digestive properties of anardana.


This churan-chutney is a supremely efficient digestive. And it’s delicious enough to replace all your heavy, creamy desserts. A small spoonful after every meal will not only help you digest your meal, but will also fulfil any craving for sweets you might have. (Of course, you’ll start craving for this after every meal, but that’s a side-effect you’re just going to have to live with! ;))


The taste is sour and sweet and it’ll make you click your tongue against the roof of your mouth and pucker your lips and WANT MORE!


But a warning: This is a mild laxative when eaten in large quantities. Please, please don’t finish the jar in one sitting, no matter how much you’re tempted to…


Ingredients: Home-dried Anardana, Salt, Black Salt, Sugar, Cumin, Asafoetida


Weight: 220 gms


Good For: 12 months


Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Always use a dry spoon.


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Refreshing homemade sweets made from gulkand or rose petal preserve. A mouth freshener, mood lifter, palate cleanser and crowd pleaser rolled into one.

Gulkand is an Indian tradition that has withstood the test of time. In the olden times, it was regarded as a delicacy since it had a complicated cooking process and the roses from which it was made were lived for a short season only. It still is royal and rare, but this sweet rose preserve is more easily available now.

Ammiji, of course, used to make her own gulkand. Since it is the perfect coolant for an Indian summer, she would make it once a year and use it the next, when she would make another batch for the following year. It was used in a myriad of ways but this was our favorite. Sweets made from gulkand and rock sugar – with an intense sugar rush that every kid loved. For us kids, it was unfortunate that the adults liked these sweets as much as we did. (We got a smaller share, actually!)

These sweets can be used as dessert or as a mouth freshener. How many you want to eat in one sitting is entirely up to you!

Rs. 280.00 Rs. 300.00

This one’s for our childhood – for all the slumbery afternoons we spent at the backbench in class, trying to wake ourselves up with sucking on imli pedas and spitting the seeds out, or licking up the spicy masala on top of the black aam papad to get our brains working again! This one’s for the queues we would form outside the school at the cart that sold these little morsels of excitement. This one’s for those innocent days when eating something sour would be like a mini adventure, and we’d gorge ourselves on these and feel like we’d accomplished something immense, while our overprotective mothers warned us of dire consequences in the background. This one’s for all the friends who would get bags of these to school and share the wickedness without hesitation.

Take a trip back to your childhood with Ammiji’s Khattey Bombs.

Ammiji’s Khattey Bombs are a curious mix of sour aam papad/sour mango fruit leather and imli/tamarind. Both the wickedness ingredients of our memories, combined beautifully to form little morsels of deliciousness.

We guarantee you, you will not be able to resist dipping into the pouch again and again. And again.

Please note: These candies are homemade and while we were experimenting with them, we discovered that wrapping them in butter paper, in which we wrap our other candies, dried them out. So we chose to individually wrap them in food-grade aluminum foil to preserve their freshness and texture.

Ingredients: Mango, Tamarind, Salt, Black Salt, Mango powder, Sugar

Weight: 175 gms (~15-16 pieces)

Best before: 2 months

Store in a cool, dry place.

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Barfi before Toffee – that’s our new motto! As an extension of our belief in everything local and indigenous, we took Ammiji’s traditional recipe of barfi and tweaked it to make these caramelized bits of milky goodness.

Long before fudge and milk toffees, there was our barfi. Milk, simmered for hours on low flame, till it combines with sugar and ghee to form a fudge-like mess. Pure flavour. Nothing else.

Our Barfi Bombs could be described as melt-in-the-mouth, but we’re sure you’d like to go beyond this clichéd understatement. They could also be described as yummilicious, but that would be an insult to the essence of these flavour bombs. They taste purely of milk, ghee and sugar – the only 3 ingredients used. No elaichi, no preservatives, no corn syrup or any flavour enhancer. Just pure, homemade desi goodness.

Treat these as a post-meal dessert, or an anytime indulgence. Promise your children two of these for good behaviour, or a pack of these for an achievement. They’ll take you back to when life was simpler and tastes uncomplicated. They’ll take you back to your childhood – we promise.

Ingredients: Milk, Sugar, Desi Ghee

Net Weight: 120 gm


Rs. 560.00 Rs. 599.00

Picture yourself in a small cottage in the hills in the dead of winter. The fireplace is alit. Tiny snowflakes drift past the window. The sound of wind in the trees and the occasional crackling off a log is the only noise you hear. You’re all snuggled up in a throw on the couch in front of the fireplace, warming your toes at the fire and warming your hands with the glass of warm mulled wine in your hands. This is where you’ll take a sip and smile at the pervasive smell of spices and the sheer deliciousness of the moment. And this is the moment we’ve tried to capture in this jar of Ammiji’s Mulled Wine Jam

We took the best Cabarnet Sauvignon we could lay our hands on – Indian, because #vocalforlocal! – and simmered it down with fruits and spices, till it formed a thick, spreadable jam. And then we bottled it up and hid it from Ammiji. Oh, she won’t disapprove, but being a teetotaler all her life, it’ll take a lot of conversation to convince her that alcohol could be converted to jam – and she likes jams! So we’ll take this jar to her when we visit her and get her approval then! 

This jam is perfect for your cheeseboard, or your snack platter. Use it with cheese on crackers or smear it on cold cuts. Glaze meat with it. Or simply spread it on crisp toast and have it for breakfast! (Wine for breakfast? The things we do!) And no, you won’t get drunk on this jam. Most of the alcohol evaporates while cooking, leaving behind the characteristically umami, earthy taste of red wine.

Ammiji’s Mulled Wine Jam is made with NO artificial pectin. Just fruits and spices. And of course, no preservatives at all!

This jar will transport you to a winter wonderland – where fireplaces are always lit and snow always falls gently. Where people bundled up in sweaters and scarves sip on warm, boozy drinks while smells of cloves and citrus emanate from the kitchen. Where smiles are easy and conversation smooth. Where vanilla and cinnamon are not just flavours, they’re feelings. (Imagine saying “I’m feeling a wee bit cinnamonny today!” – lovely, no?)

So go ahead and get your jar of winter warmth right now – and make us feel cinnamonny. 🙂

Ingredients: Red Wine (Cabarnet Sauvignon), Sugar, Apple, Orange, Raisins, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Vanilla Extract.

Weight : 125 gm

Best Before 6 months

Refrigerate after opening

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 550.00

Fresh, plump and juicy strawberries marry the booziness of vodka and the bite of balsamic vinegar in a jam that’s a gourmet dream…

 Strawberry season is here, and no one is more excited than us at Ammiji’s! We’re getting boxes and boxes of fresh and juicy strawberries directly from a farm, and turning them into this not-too-sweet jam that will see us through when there are no more fresh strawberries in the market.

 There is, perhaps, no jam that is as versatile or as popular as a strawberry jam is. Slather it on to your croissants, add a dollop on your cheeseboard, spread it on your ajwain parantha, stir it into an avant-garde cocktail, thin it out and pour it over your waffles or just smear it all over a crisp sourdough toast – this is the stuff that gourmet dreams are made of! Every time we’ve made this jam here at Ammiji’s, one of us has found a novel way to eat it. The latest was when we sandwiched the jam between layers of homemade Victorian sponge cake…uff, heaven!

 We’ve taken a classic jam, and added a funky twist to it. A dash of vodka, and another of balsamic vinegar turns this into a jam that has layers of flavour with every bite. The sugar content is less than fifty percent, because we love the tang of strawberries and didn’t want a jam that was overly sweet. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. 


Ingredients: Strawberries, Sugar, Lemon juice, Balsamic Vinegar, Vodka*

 *contains less than 1% alcohol

 ]Weight: 225 gm

 Price: Rs 550 450 (inclusive of taxes)

 Good for: 6 months

 Refrigerate after opening. (This jam contains no preservatives or additives.)

Rs. 425.00 Rs. 499.00

Chocolate is sheer love, and who are we to resist the lure of love? Made with a few sarcastic rejoinders from Ammiji ringing in our ears (she is not too fond of chocolate), this jar is heaven. A ganache, a dessert topping, a smoothie maker, a sandwich filling – this is a multipurpose spread or sauce. With the texture of silk and the consistency of molasses, Ammiji’s jar of chocolate will make your heart sing happy songs.

This is made from pure dark chocolate. And it has undertones of caramel that complement the chocolate perfectly.

No trans fats and no preservatives make this jar not only sinful, but a guilt-free sinful. Sin without the guilt. Get it?

This is made at home in small batches to ensure freshness each time you order.

Rs. 500.00 Rs. 550.00

Ammiji likes jam on her toast now and then – especially with a cup of sugarless chai. She’s never really made her own jam though. When asked why, she sniffed and said, “English grandmothers make jams. Indian grandmothers make chutneys.” (Yes, she makes us roll our eyes on a regular basis.) She has firmly disassociated herself with any jam we make, but she’ll lift up the jar and inspect it with her hawk eye when it is presented to her.

So it was with this jam. “What do you mean by ‘brandied’?”, she asked. When we told her that the jam had a bit of brandy, her only answer was to put the jar down on the table with a definite snap. “Do what you want with your English jams and English grandmothers!”, she said. We’re taking that as grudging permission. 😀

Summer means that the market is flooded with beautiful, ripe summer fruit. And the most attractive of these (besides the much-loved mangoes) are the cherries – sweet, plump, juicy cherries, glistening a bright red or a deep maroon. So we took those cherries, soaked them in brandy overnight, and cooked a chunky jam out of it!

Our Brandied Cherry Jam has the perfectly spreadable consistency and each bite will give you a few pieces of juicy, sweet cherries in your mouth. It’s slightly boozy from the premium brandy and we’ve let the sweet tartness of the cherries shine through by limiting the amount of sugar we put in it. The fragrance is heady with brandy with a touch of pure vanilla. The texture is achieved by letting the fruit slow-cook and release its own pectin. There is no added packaged pectin or preservatives. What you get is real fruit, turned into a jam in small batches, the old-fashioned away.

The cherry jam tastes fantastic spread on toast, achieves excellence when served with scones and hits sublime when paired with cheese and crackers. Layer your cakes with it or dollop it onto ice-cream sundaes. What you do with it is totally you!

Note: Seasonal item. Will be available only till the fruit is available!

Ingredients: Cherries, sugar, brandy, lemon juice, vanilla extract.

Rs. 1,230.00 Rs. 1,500.00

Food is that thread that brings it all together. It doesn’t matter what season it is, or how small an occasion it is – when you have good food on the table, you’re more blessed than you realize. Food is happiness – it’s the delightful dash and dot at the end of an exclamation. It has the power to create good memories or to help obliterate bad ones. Food is life. And when you give the gift of food, you’re gifting pure joy.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a set of Gift Boxes for you. Give them as gifts, or order a combination for yourself to save money! Each box will contain 4 jars, filled with Ammiji’s delicious goodness. And the gift box itself is an elegant, reusable box made of solid wood that will last you a long time and be useful in myriad ways. 

Go on. Gift joy 🙂

Ammiji’s Sweet Treats Box is a collection designed to please even the pickiest sweet tooth. This Gift Box contains the following: (click on product to check out details)

  1. Gul Bombs: 2 jars (70 gm each) of our best-selling refreshing rose sweets.
  2. Jar of Chocolate: (100 gm) Gooey and chocolatey!
  3. Whiskey Caramel Sauce: (200 gm) Slightly boozy, very addictive!

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